Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - March 3, 1982 08:23

Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - March 3, 1982 08:23

The ship hummed from the sounds of the ship’s N-Rays arcing out from her main guns.

Morris watched in the monitors as another small meteor lit to a brilliant flare before vanishing.

He was about to ask how the crew was doing when the ship jolted hard to the side as a loud, ringing crash echoed through the hull. Followed almost immediately by the deep hum of an N-Ray.

“Sorry about that,” Taylor called. “One of them snuck out of nowhere before I could dodge it.”

“Don’t worry, L.T.” He pronounced it ‘El-Tee’ “I got it” Came crewman Jackson from guns.

Another flash in the monitor, another meteor eliminated.

“Captain?” Called Collins from comm, “Message from X-3, she has taken heavy damage and is pulling back.”

“Send an acknowledgment.” He turned to the pilot, “Make sure to keep us clear of the main swarm while we take pot-shots at it.”

Taylor pulled back on the yoke. “You don’t have to tell me twice.”

The main comm switched on. “All ships, this is X-1. Let's make a pass on the first of the main meteors to see if we can make a dent in it.”

Morris hit the ship’s comm. “You heard the man. Everyone check your straps.”

He pulled his chest strap tighter and nodded to Lt Taylor in the pilot chair, “Take us in.”