Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

The ship had stopped spinning, but it still rushed through the solar system on an unknown heading.

Chief Green had managed to restore partial gravity, but had been unsuccessful in getting the main reactors to restart, so the ship was dimly lit.

The crew had assembled in the small common room to go over their options. Morris addressed them. “I think our first priority has to be to get that radio working so we can call for help. No luck getting any response?”

Radioman Collins shook his head. “The radio is powered and transmitting, but we are not hearing anything.”

A moment while everyone considered their situation and Taylor asked. “What if there's some kind of ion interference? We could work up a bigger antenna and patch it in to the external antenna. Should be able to pick up a weaker signal.”

Morris thought about it. “That sounds like a good idea. Do we have enough spares to put together a bigger antenna?”

Taft answered, “I could probably put something together in the shop in 10 minutes!”

Morris nodded. "Good. Jackson, Collins, do an EVA and get that new antenna put up.

“Now, how long until we get the navigation station up? I want to know where we are.”

“I have to flush the main reactor again,” Chief Green said, “But if I can get it to restart cleanly, we should have plenty of power to get Thompson’s navigation system working.”

“It took some damage in the blast,” Thompson added, “But I'm pretty sure I've got enough function to get us a good bead on our location.”

“Good, good. So that leaves engines. Any idea on when we will have engines back?”

“I’m going to send out Edwards to run some external lines to the main engine. Once we get power working, the new lines should give us engine power.”

“Ok, sounds like we have a plan. Everyone get to your tasks.”