Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

The crew had reassembled back in the common room/medical bay while Edwards wrapped gauze around Jackson's stomach.

"Nothing looks cracked, just a bad bruise." He narrated. "Luckily the space suit was thick where the antenna hit or that could have been a deep cut."

Chief Engineer Green "Well, if you are half as good patching him as you were patching that cable, he'll be fine."

Green turned to the captain, "Engines are charging now. Should have them up in a few more minutes."

Morris nodded. "Good

"Taylor, Thompson, once we have power, I want to know where we are and to get us moving back toward earth.

"Collins, any luck with that antenna?"

Collins waved up towards the radio station, "I'll have the radio patched before we have full power and will let you know then"

Morris looked around at the crew. "All right, men. Let’s get home.

"Not so fast there, Jackson." He pushed the crewman back down on the medical bed. "You take a break. We'll manage without you for now."

He braced his arm across his aching chest, "Thanks, sir. I think I'll just try to sleep this one off.”

... end