Attach:tilland.jpg|Tilland ...Tilland is the third son of Tilland, son of Billiar. Born on the 5th of Ties, in 108.

...Tilland was raised as the third son of a small peasant farmer in the village of Gis in the Valley of Deep. Few travelers came down the small roads that led into town, and few stories told of the world outside the mountains. Till's entire world consisted of the small valley he could see from the roof of the families barn.

...Being the third son of the family, Tilland has no claim to inherit any of his family's land or holdings. Finding no opportunity for apprenticeship in his home village of Gis, his choice was to strike out into the world he hasn't even heard stories about, or to stay in the house he was born in as little more than a landless servant to his older brothers.

...Knowing his brothers would not abuse him should he choose to stay, Tilland still decided to make a name for himself and thus leave the valley and head out to the west to find out what was beyond the hill tops.