"When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." - Stephen F Roberts

For what its worth, here's a collection of thoughts and links. Enjoy.

The Game
Sastra's eloquent chess game analogy.
Answers the question "Why should atheists place value on life if life itself is so transient?"
A must read.
A Humanist's Prespective
Another essay by Sastra explaining a humanist's view of September 11th and the reaction of those around us.
Sastra's Humanism
Sastra again eloquently explains what Humanism means in her eyes.
Four Lights
An excellent thesis about one man's outlook on our overly theistic world.
A must read.
20 Questions, 20 Answers
Over the years, I've seen many lists of "questions evolutionists are afraid to answer". Well, I'm not afraid, so I took one and answered them. Enjoy.
The Fallacy of the Fool
The errors inherent in Psalm 14:1 "A fool has said in his heart, 'there is no god'".

Atheist Ramblings

My personal collection of writings on the atheism/theism debate and somewhat on life in general.
Each page also includes a feedback button for reader responses to be posted with the articles.

Issue 4.2
More Tall Tales... Would we trust second hand stories written decades after the event by annoymous authors? Then why do you? (August 2001)
Issue 4.1
A little logic game... An interactive example of why god cannot make something moral nor is he required to tell us what is moral (August 2001)
Issue 3.7
Punishment that fits the crime... Lets post the ten commandments.. just make sure to post the punishments too (August 2000)
Issue 3.6
more to fear... Americans never cease to amaze me with their stupidity (February 2000)
Issue 3.5
Prayer: Does it work? (January 2000)
Issue 3.4
Why I would make a better god than god. With a convenient check list. (January 2000)
Issue 3.3
a little error. Tyre: a thriving modern port... much to Biblical inerrant's dismay (December 1999)
Issue 3.2
How legends grow. We accept tall tales in most places... but not in our religion... (October 1999)
Issue 3.1
What scares me at night, and Prayer in Schools, does it work? (October 1999)
Issue 2.5
The Empty Tomb issue! First Jesus'Empty Tomb, then Evidence that also demands a verdict: Vlad the Impaler's Empty Tomb. (July 1999)
Issue 2.3
Issue 2.4
Holier than thou, are xtians more moral than atheists? (June 1999)
Issue 2.3
A Funny Quote I heard and the 1500 year question (January 1999).
Issue 2.2
Perfect Deity? and Apologetics(October 1998 again!)
Issue 2.1
Why so scared? (October 1998)
Issue 1.7
Moral Absolutism: Are the Commandments Moral Absolutes? (October 1997)
Issue 1.6
The banana trick, and Something for theists to think about. (August 1997)
Issue 1.5
It boils down to faith, The Wow! Factor, and Why not Faith?. (July 1997)
Issue 1.4
The Problem with Salvation and a Question of morals. (July 1997)
Issue 1.3
RFRA and you... (June 1997)
Issue 1.2
The Design Problem; Is there a problem?; Know god, know fear; Christians vs. Death. (April 1997)
Issue 1.1
My first collection of thoughts: On Goodness, My Quote, The 100% Problem, God and Hell, The Problem with Faith, The Missing Link, Random Thoughts, My beliefs. (April 1997)
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