ARCHIVE - Followup: 1/31/07 Rememberance

Archive: Fri Feb 1 15:17:49 2008
Title: Followup: 1/31/07 Rememberance
Mood: amused
As a follow-up to my minor 1/31/07 rant yesterday, here's some news about other protests and rants about 1/31/07.

First up: Some artists posted lots of LED signs all over Boston yesterday to spoof the over-reaction from a year ago. Signs were put high up on the sides of buildings and signposts. No word if Boston and most of Massachusetts were evacuated yesterday as precaution.

also has a cute little video of the fateful event.

And also courtesy of we get a quick flashback to a paper posted last February deconstructing the reaction and the underlying psychology of overreaction. Its not too long and a good read to understand what's wrong with these people...


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