ARCHIVE - Here's another stoopid Islam story

Archive: Tue Feb 12 00:05:27 2008
Title: Here's another stoopid Islam story
Mood: depressed
Seems I've been down on those wacky muslims lately, but maybe its just because they are getting so much press...

So off the Telegraph we get news that female muslim doctors are refusing to wash up before surgery...

I can't imagine muslims really want to be taken seriously if they are fighting for stoopid things like this. I'm sorry... I don't really care what stoopid stories you believe on your own time, but if you are going to operate on people, I expect you to follow the rules. If you can't play by the rules, don't take the job in the first place! And if you don't want to play by the rules now then feel free to go practice medicine somewhere that doesn't care quite as much about basic hygiene.

I know I'll be a little more cautious when/if I need surgery, especially if I suspect the surgeon or nurse is a wackjob like this :-/


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