A note on the quality of my writing

I use "quality" in a less than literal sense
Ok, so my blog posts are not the most insightful or interesting. Especially when I babble about politics or religion or life or much of anything. (examples include this and this and even this)

But I am going to keep trying to write these things and improve. Sure taking up better journalistic habits at 50 is kind of 'too late', but on the other hand, at least I am trying.

For now I am going to go with the 'stream of consciousness' style of writing. Throw loose ideas onto the page in semi coherent sentences with the basic idea that I hopefully reach a conclusion I am content with.

If I do this often enough, I will be able to expand the writing so I put more ideas on the page through sheer force of habit if not through actual skill.

I am hoping that eventually I will be in the habit of getting a workable quantity of ideas on a page so that going back and editing becomes a valid proposition.

And maybe I will stop writing single sentence paragraphs...