Corruption And Fiscal Incompetence: GOP Core Values : Part 2

Not to be outdone by Florida, Governor Snyder in Michigan shows how corruption and fiscal incompetence is done up North
Corruption in Florida can not hold a candle to how badly the GOP is ruining Michigan.

Even a cursory Google search will bring up thousands of articles detailing the decisions that lead to lead in Flint water.

But important to this tale of corruption and fiscal incompetence is the fact that the whole thing started because the "emergency manager" of Flint (appointed by Governor Snyder) pushed his goons to save money by switching to the polluted Flint river and then cutting out adding some anti-corrosive agents to the water supply.

To save maybe $100 a day, the GOP poisioned the residents and ignored the situation until someone outside had enough clout to raise the alarm.

Now, to cover the incompetence caused by the GOP, the people of Michigan have to fork over $30 million to help pay the bills of some of the people impacted (Note: $30 million would have covered the cost of the anti-corrosive agent for the next 80 years).

But at least the people of Michigan can be happy knowing that their big corporate pals got a nice tax break out of it... (Note: that's the same corporations that have spent the last 100 years dumping waste and pollution into the Flint river... turning their waste into everyone's problem).


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