Judge Rules Voting Machines ‘Unsecure, Unreliable and Grossly Outdated’ But State Can Use Them Anyway

Despite their grossly inadequate and unsafe machines, Georgia will get another election using them
I've written before about how bad voting machines are (see: Electronic Voting Done by Idiots, Virginia drops bad voting machines, and Diebold admits ALL versions of their software delete ballots without notice).

In this story out of Georgia a judge rules that Georgia voting machines are fundamentally unfit for their expressed purpose, but then decides that it is basically too late to change anything so the state will have to use them anyway.

The judge lambasts the voting machines as "Unsecure, Unreliable and Grossly Outdated". She does not think the state could even handle the transition away from the machines in anything resembling an efficient manner, and is not even sure they can transition in time for the primaries next spring.

Also covered by Ars Technica

The story is so depressing I can't even get up the verve to rant against how poorly these things were designed.

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