Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

“Hand me the big wrench” Green called out, half sunk into the open wall panel.

Ward floated a few feet away and held on to the equipment box which in turn was magnetically attached to the wall. “Roger, Chief.” He rummaged through the tools until he found the largest wrench and dug it out without sending tools flying around the open engine room.

He pushed himself off towards the open wall panel, “This one?” he called, thrusting it into the chief’s waiting hand.

The chief growled, “No! The _red_ one! The big RED one!… Never mind, I’ll make this one work.”

The chief’s hand and the wrench disappeared into the wall and Ward heard the sound of banging metal on metal. “Come on you stupid pipe fitting… get *bang* in *BANG* there *BANG!*.” With the last bang came a loud whoosh and the hiss of equalizing pressure.

Chief pushed himself out of the wall and tried to check the console across the room. “Ward, go over there and read the dial marked ‘Second Phase Pressure’. It’s on the right side of that console.” He waved the wrench in the general direction of the console.

Ward pushed off again towards the console, but misjudged the angle and had to lunge out for something to keep him from sailing past.

“Not that pipe!” Chief yelled as Ward grabbed a bright yellow and black striped pipe.

“YAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH!!” Ward screamed and pulled his hand away from the frozen coolant pipe. His reaction caused him to careen into the console and bounce off it at an angle.

Chief rolled his eyes. “Crewman? I thought you were space rated…”

Ward spun in the air trying to grab anything to stop his spinning.

The chief sighed. “Are you going to just float there or are you going to tell me what that gauge reads?”