Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

Morris used the central ladder to pull himself up the ship to level 3.

Collins and Jackson floated in the middle of a spreading cloud of debris from the now useless gunnery station 2. Parts and pieces and wires floated through the air or were taped to walls or velcroed to various surfaces. As he watched, one or the other would fish out a tube or patch of wires and add it to the growing widget that hovered between them.

Morris assumed it was the replacement radio they were working on, but it looked more like a twisted science experiment than any radio he had ever seen.

While Morris watched, chief Green almost collided with him as he pulled up along the ladder. “Oh, sorry sir!” His exclamation startled Collins who jumped and caused parts to scatter even more haphazardly. Jackson was so focused on a circuit board he hardly noticed the ruckus.

“Sorry, sir!” Collins apologized while trying to reign in the floating mess. “We will get this cleaned up right away.”

Morris waved his hand dismissively. “I would rather have a working radio than a clean workspace. Get me in contact with Delta and rather than writing you up for making a mess I'll be putting you up for a commendation.”

“Yes sir” radioman grabbed another main board and disconnected a tube while he turned back to the growing replacement radio.

“Sir?” Chief started.

“Yes, chief. How go repairs?”

“I was just heading up to the bridge to let lt Thompson know that I have restored partial control to the stabilizers. He should be able to at least get the ship to stop spinning.”

“Good work. I was just heading up there myself, I will pass it along.”