Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

Deep Space - Aboard the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

On the bridge nav and pilot were pulling wires out of an exposed panel.

“Chief reports we have stabilizers back online” Morris said, causing both men to start.

Lt Taylor recovered first. “Great. I was just trying to route around junction 2 so I can get some limited controls back online.”

Thompson added “If we can get our tumble under control I should be able to get a better fix of where we are.”

“Great, how can I help.”

Pilot gestured towards the captain’s chair. “You can see how many of your controls respond. We need a good measure of our tumble so I know how to stabilize.”

Morris nodded and pulled himself into his chair. He grabbed a cable and ran it between the battery backup and his console.

After concluding his console was unresponsive, he told Lt Taylor he was going to check the deck 7 forward hold for anything.

“Deck 7” was a euphemism. It was little more than a small closet sized electronics room above the forward gunnery station. Normally not accessible under gravity, the hatch was easy to swing open and lock against the wall in free-fall.

Morris pulled himself in and shone a flashlight around. All the electronic circuits were black and even the battery backup was down. He was half way through checking the circuit boards for useful electronics when he spotted the small access port in the wall. Normally used only for repair access and to run auxiliary power while in dock, the small port led directly outside.

He grabbed Thompson and 30 minutes later, they had jury rigged a small glass cover for the port and had forced the port open with a crowbar. Thompson had grabbed the manual sextant that had once adorned the mess-hall wall and was trying to sight measure the ship's rotation via distant stars.

"I am measuring about 3 rotations per minute." He called down to the bridge.

Taylor had restored enough controls between his panels and the chief's control cable. "Ok," he called back. "I'm going to start trying to counter. Let me know when we get close enough to stationary."