Deep Space - Outside the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

Deep Space - Outside the X-4 - Date : Unknown Time : Unknown

Collins lunged for Jackson's safety cable but could not grab it with his thick, clumsy space gloves.

"Hold on, Jackson! We'll get you!" Collins called out over the radio. He switched to the ship's general channel, "Man overboard! Man overboard!!!" he frantically repeated while he tried to scramble across the ship's surface and make his way back to the airlock.

He was halfway there when the voice of Edwards came over the radio. "Hold on, Ward. On my way!"

Collins looked up to see Edwards sailing through space, the thick electrical cable tied around his waist as a makeshift safety tether.

Edwards sailed right into Jackson's tumbling body and grabbed on to his crewmate's flailing form.

Collins reached the airlock where the trailing electrical cable remained anchored to the ship. He grabbed the line and started to real the two crew back in. "I got you Edwards. You two hold on and I'll reel you back in."